Multiple Intelligences

 In fourth grade we are looking at Howard Gardner’s idea that there are many different ways to be intelligent.  The kids took a survey to see how they are smart. The kids are now going to do a research project on a person, place or thing that connects to their intelligence.  Below is a chart showing what the kids have brainstormed so far.  We would love your help!  Can you help us think of examples?  Your ideas could lead us to learn and research something new! 

The intelligences are: Interpersonal (people smart), Intrapersonal (me smart), Naturalistic (nature smart), Bodily-Kinesthetic (body smart), Logical/Mathematical (number smart), Linguistic (language smart), Musical (music smart), Visual Spatial (picture smart).  Please add a comment to help us think of famous examples that fit each intelligence.  It could be a famous person, invention, concept, art piece, etc.

If you want to see how you fit into the multiple intelligences, click the link below.

 Multiple Intelligence Survey

14 thoughts on “Multiple Intelligences

  1. The Thinker was supposed to be in Bodily-Kinesthetic.

    For Visual Spatial–Picasso.

    For Naturalistic–John Audubon.

    For Linguistics–Most Europeans who learn to speak more than one language as children.

    For Interpersonal, Oprah Winfrey, and for Intrapersonal, Freud.

    For Logical/Mathematical –The Incas who built Machu Pichu.

    For Musical–Neil Diamond

  2. Fourth Grade GT,

    For nature, Thoreau comes to mind. He studied nature and developed an appreciation of the interconnectedness between nature and spirit.

    For musical, I agree with Mrs. Storer for Neil Diamond. I’d like to add Barbara Streisand, too. They once sang a duet together and when you listen to their dual harmony, you can feel the power of their emotions.

    For bodily-kinesthetic, I think of the singer Usher. He connects his musicality to body movements perfectly. I am amazed at the way Usher and Justin Bieber were able to synchronize their voices and bodies at the Grammies on Sunday.

    I also look to many great quarterbacks for bodily-kinesthetic. They need to read the football field and react mathematically to the motion on the ground. I heard Brett Favre interviewed once and he said, “the football field appears fast to others, but I see it in slow motion.”

    Enjoy your projects,
    Mrs. Kistler

  3. Interpersonal – Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw – reporters
    Intrapersonal – Psychologists, Authors of memoirs
    Naturalistic – Jane Goodall, Jacques Costeau
    Bodily-Kinesthetic – Olympic Athletes
    Logical/Mathematical – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs
    Linguistic – ???
    Musical – Mozart, Hams Zimmer
    Visual Spatial – Frank Lloyd Wright

  4. Linguistic – Abraham Lincoln or Barack Obama
    Logical/Math – John Dewey
    Visual – Frank Lloyd Wright
    Musical – Justin Beiber
    Bodily/Kines – Michael Jordan, Selena Gomez
    Inter – Oprah
    Intra – Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook)
    Natural – Darwin

  5. Visual – Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
    Naturalistic – Pangaea (the origin of continents)
    Bodily-Kinesthetic – Dancers from Cirque du Soleil
    Logical/Mathmatical – IPhone
    Linguistic – Parrot
    Musical – the “song” of Humpback Whales
    Interpersonal – Bill Cosby

  6. Musical- John Williams (writes music for movies like ET, Jaws, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

    Naturalistic & Visual – Georgia O’Keefe – some of her most famous works of art deal with things in nature like flowers, animals, desert landscape

    Logical Mathmatical/ Musical – Composers of that work in a musical system called the 12 Tone series- very mathmatical and yet musical

    Logical Mathmatical – Alton Brown the chef- he can make the science & math of cooking very fun

  7. Bodily Kinesthetic – Leonardo Da Vinci mixed Visual with his study of the human body
    Naturalistic – Botanical Gardens, Zoos, Zoologists, Beekeepers, Gardeners
    Visual Spatial – Eifel Tower, Gaudi Buildings
    Musical – Louis Armstrong, Symphony Orchestras, Broadway
    Linguistic – Maya Angelou

  8. This is so interesting. I took the test myself to see in what areas of intelligence I am stronger. I am from Alaska and knew your teacher when we were students.
    Musical: Beethoven who lost his hearing
    Bodily Kinesthetic: Helen Keller
    Linguistic: Anne Frank
    Interpersonal: Mothers

  9. Musical:Neil Diamond
    Linguistic:Rick Riordan
    Interpersonal:Family Members
    Naturalistic:Zookeepers, Animal Scientists
    Visual Spatial:Picasso
    Intrapersonal:The Thinker
    I love learning about the multiple intelligences!I can’t wait to see what else we’re going to learn about, if it is going to be as fun as multiple intelligences!!!

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