What is communication? How do we communicate?  What does communication look like?  Communication is many different things.  Please tell us what you think communication is in the Answer Garden below.  Now, think about how communication has changed over time.  Add a comment to the post sharing ways you have seen communication change.

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8 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Communication needs to be clear and open. If you are clear when you are speaking, then it will be less likely that you are misunderstood. If you are open to communication, then you are more likely to have better relationships with others.

  2. Dear Bulverde Creek GT,

    I’m amazed at the advances in digital communication over the last ten years:

    Text. Skype. Instant Message. Facebook. Twitter. Blogging.

    These are all inventions which were unheard of ten years ago. It can feel overwhelming to have information come at you in so many forms!

    Mrs. Kistler

  3. I think communication has changed from the standpoint that people talk in shorter, more concise sentences. With the busy lives everyone leads today, people are more apt to communicate quickly so they can move on to their next task.

  4. I find that nowadays communicating has became simpler and quicker than ever. I think, as well, that this represents a great science and technology result. I mean that social networks are, for example, a great modern invention since they make we-all able to talk in a few minutes with people so far from the place we live in!
    Even though, I have to remind that nothing can compare to physic communication, to an hug or to a glance.
    So, don’t forget human interaction!

    Greetings from Italy!

  5. The new technology has made it so much easier to communicate with people all over the world so quickly.
    Not so long ago, people wrote letters to other people in foreign countries. These letters would take a long time and it would also take a long time to get a response.
    Talking on the telephone was possible, but sometimes the connection was really bad and it was very expensive to call, so you had to keep your conversation short.
    Now I can chat on the computer with my friend in Germany and my friend in Japan at the same time!

    Anja Johnson

  6. Für uns ist es ein großes Glück, dass Kommunikation so einfach wurde. Unsere Enkel wohnen in den USA und wir können von Deutschland aus dieses Projekt über das Internet ansehen. Wir können per e-mail Briefe schicken, die innerhalb eines Tages beantwortet werden! Nur beim Telefonieren müssen wir immer auf die Uhr gucken, denn wenn es bei uns in Deutschland 8 Uhr morgens ist, ist in Texas Mitternacht und alle schlafen.

    Christel Sager

  7. Even if you don´t speak English, you can communicate with a nearly 70 years old German grandfather, if you click on the translating machine.
    But the machine is not perfect yet. Sometimes it translates very funny sentences. School lessons and teachers are still necessary!

    Opa Sager

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