In 3rd grade we are going to dive into the world of bridges.  What do you already know about bridges?  What do you wonder about bridges?

19 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Bridges help people/things get across a river. But where did they originate? What was the first bridge? They even use rope bridges in the Military.

  2. Why do they need rope bridges? Why not other types of bridges? It sounds like a lot of us are familiar with bridges that help us cross bodies of water, are there other purposes for bridges?

  3. Mackenzie, what do you mean “What bridges?” Are you wondering if there are different kinds of bridges? What differences and similarities have you noticed on different bridges?

  4. hey Mrs. Germadnik This is Sydney I know somthing about bridges they are used in the milatary because they help soldures cross from one place to another. My uncle was a soldure and he was on the news! I know this has nothing to do with bridges but I thaught that was neat well I got to go see you on Thursday bye!

  5. Do you know what kind of bridges the military uses? Do they use the bridges that are already there or do they create their own? I do think it is neat that your uncle was on the news.

  6. Madison, I have been to the London bridge in England, but where is the bridge of Sighs? What do you know about it?

  7. Hey Mrs. Germadnik there’s somthing you proabibally know about bridges you should know that an Aquaduct bridge is used to carry water and that a beam bridge is the least expensive bridge that is used for long distances And did you know that he worlds longest bridge is 24 Fret long

  8. Hey Mackenzie I was also wondering about if there is a powerstone on a brige to and Mrs. Germadnik I am going to get my grandpa to blog soon! I see we have gotten a lot of people around the country looking at our website! HAPPY VALINTINES DAY! see you all at GT bye!

  9. Hey Mrs. Germadnik I was having some trouble with the voki I put it up on my weebly but it acts really funny and it won’t play the sound even if I put sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. I can’t wait when I see you next time when I feel better) BYE! (-:

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