10 thoughts on “Da Vincian’s Principles

  1. I think curiosita is important because being curious is good, it helps you learn more. I am going to always ask questions about what I am curious about.

  2. I think curiosita is an important principle to work into your life. Kids are great about feeding their curiosity, but grown-ups forget to wonder. I am going to try and find 2 new things to wonder about each day and add them to my journal

  3. I think Curiosita is importent because it might lead me to something elase.I will always think about my questions.

  4. So, it sounds like most of us really like daVinci’s principle, Curiosita. That begs the questions, WHAT ARE YOU CURIOUS ABOUT? Let’s see how many questions we can come up with about the world.

  5. I’ll start the list going…

    Why are there so many different languages in the world?
    Why do people have different talents?

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