Making Connections

Your response letter should always begin with what the title of your current book is, as well as the author’s name.  Give a brief idea of what is going on in your book in this first paragraph, but remember NO SPOILERS!  Your second paragraph should address one or more of the following thinking stems that help you be an active reader:

Making Connections:
1.  This reminds me of…
2.  An experience I have had like that…
3.  This reminds me of another book, (book title), because…
4.  How can I live differently because this book has been a part of my life?


Example Below:
Dear Class, 
The book, Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper, is a realistic fiction book about Melody, an eleven year old girl who has never been able to walk, talk or write – she is unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings to others.  Because Melody can’t communicate, everyone has always assumed that she is not intelligent – she is placed in very low level classes without any challenge of her abilities and without the opportunity to share her gift of photographic memory.  All of this changes when Melody is given a computer that gives voice to her thoughts and for the first time she is able to express herself to others.

I can live differently after reading this book because I can remember Melody and think of the depth of her intelligence, feelings and understanding that might not be readily visible.  I can remember her and seek to find something to relate to in others I interact with on a daily basis.  Am I making assumptions about people because of the way they look, the way they dress or talk?  It’s important for me to start over each day with a new outlook about others, and remember that they have experiences, thoughts and feelings that I do not know about, but with some care and time, I can come to know them better and we can relate to each other in a way that benefits both of us.


Thanks for reading, 
Student X