Your response letter should always begin with what the title of your current book is, as well as the author’s name.  Give a brief idea of what is going on in your book in this first paragraph, but remember NO SPOILERS!  Your second paragraph should address one or more of the following thinking stems that help you be an active reader:

1.  I like the way the author described…
2.  _______ is a new word for me.  I think it might mean__________because _____________
3.  An interesting (word, phrase, or sentence) that I noticed…
4. _________ is one of my favorite passages because….


*Record page numbers where you noticed language!


Example Below:
Hello Class,
This week I began rereading the first book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones.  This is a fantasy book about vampires, werewolves, and shadowhunters.  This book was made into a really awful movie which has plot points that never happen in the book.  I enjoy this book so much, because the descriptions in the book are very vivid.  Cassandra Clare is an excellent storyteller who can make me see pictures in my mind.  I think that is why I disliked the movie so much, because nothing matched the wonderful descriptions that the author had written.
I like the way the author described the people who were at the Pandemonium club in the first chapter.  When the book begins Clary is just a normal girl who wants to do something outside the box.  She ventures out to a club that she isn’t old enough to get in, but charms her way inside.  The description of the bouncer was my favorite on page 2.


“He had electric blue dyed hair that stuck up around his head like the tendrils of a startled octopus, but no elaborate facial tattoos through his ears or lips.”

This is the kind of beautiful use of adjectives and description that you have to look forward to in the entire series!


Student X