Your response letter should always begin with what the title of your current book is, as well as the author’s name.  Give a brief idea of what is going on in your book in this first paragraph, but remember NO SPOILERS!  Your second paragraph should address one or more of the following thinking stems that help you be an active reader:

1.  If I were (character’s name) I would …
2.  The character that interests me the most is _________________ because ________________________
3.  A character that really changed in the story was ___________ because he/she ____________________
4.  I like/don’t like (character’s name) because…
Example Below:

Hello class, 
I am currently reading Eighth Grade Bites, the first book in the Vladimir Tod series, by Heather Brewer.  This book is very interesting so far.  I knew it would be about vampires from the cover, but this is not a typical vampire book.  This book is more of a mystery which I like to read.  My take on this book is that it is Twilight without all the romance and more action.  The main character is an 8th grade boy named Vladimir Tod, but his friends call him Vlad.He is a hybrid because his mother was a human, but his father was a vampire. However, he keeps all this a secret from everyone except his aunt who takes care of him by packing his lunch with cupcakes filled with blood she steals from the hospital she works at as a nurse.


If I were Vlad, I would be more visible as a vampire to all the bullies at school.  Vlad has to deal with constant bullying, and he does it without revealing his secret.  If I had to grow up as a monster, I would at least want to benefit from it by punishing those who are mean to others.  I would also use my powers for other good things, like being a bodyguard for all other kids who were being bullied.


Yours Truly, 
Student X