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Causes of Stomach Ache in children


Over the summer I came across an excellent blog by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She covers multiple need to know topics for parents.

Many visits to the clinic are due to stomach aches. There are many causes of stomach aches in children and by far, the vast majority are minor and will resolve on their own.

Here in the clinic after thoroughly assessing the child we will sometimes recommend the child go home and sometimes recommend that they stay here at school.

Do you know what to look for at home and when to worry?

There is also a printable tummy tracker to help you keep track of all the tummy ache details!

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Swim Healthy


Summer safety tips from the CDC

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Summer is almost here!


Now that the kids will be out of school what will you do to keep them busy?

I hope your kids have the opportunity to swim, play, eat ice cream, visit with friends, travel, look at bugs and read in a hammock. But I also hope you give them the opportunity to learn important life skills and develop confidence in their own abilities.

Want your kids to grow up to be successful? Make them do chores. When they balk (and trust me: they will probably balk), you can tell them that scientific research supports you.”

Kids Who Do Chores Are More Successful Adults


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What does your poop look like?


A lot of the kids think I am obsessed with poop.

Well, I am kinda.

Poop is just so important! It really is!

Do you know that most stomachaches are caused by constipation? There are a host of other problems that have a root cause of constipation as well. It really is very important. I use the poop chart with kids multiple times a day and we talk about what healthy poop looks like and some good lifelong habits for having healthy poop.

Here is a wonderful resource for parents and kids that will teach you more than you ever thought you needed to know about poop and might even change a life!

Have you heard of Jane and the Giant Poop ?

Check out Dr. Hodges’ blog and look for the FREE downloads

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You give me fever


NEISD has a district policy to send children home with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or greater. Technically a fever is defined as 100.4 degrees or greater but we have this policy as a buffer zone to minimize possible contagious illnesses. We also strongly recommend keeping a child home from school until they have been fever free without medication for 24 hours. This also helps to minimize the spread of any contagious illness. Please keep in mind that a fever is merely a symptom and not an actual illness itself. Most fevers are not a huge concern and evidence that the body is successfully fending off an invader.

Kids’ Fevers: When to Worry, When to Relax

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Do you know the 3 causes?


This time of year we usually see a lot of “pink eyes” but it’s not always infectious. With oak pollen hitting record highs, allergies are a likely possibility. If you use over the counter allergy medicine and have no improvement or symptoms worsen it’s time to seek further healthcare.

Pink, itchy eyes? Pink eye – or conjunctivitis – is common and spreads easily. It sometimes needs medical treatment, depending on the cause. Know the symptoms, when to seek treatment, and how to help prevent it.

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STAAR testing


Help your kiddos do their best by ensuring they’ve had a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. These are important tests and we want the children at their best and ready to tackle it.

Should you wake up in the morning to find that your child has become sick overnight please keep them home and focus on getting them better. Sick kids do not test well. We want our kids to be academically knowledgeable but we also want them to learn the importance of taking care of their health and the courtesy of not extending an illness to  someone else.

We generally find an increases in stomachaches this week as many kids experience anxiety. Please read through these Test Anxiety Tips for Children.

Good Luck Coyotes!

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Sensory Friendly screenings


Here is a schedule for Santikos. Please check back as the schedule changes.

“Santikos Sensory Friendly Screenings is a specially designed movie experience to serve guests with intellectual special needs or other challenges, who seldom get to attend a movie night out. These family friendly films are presented twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. The auditoriums feature brighter lighting, lower sound, shorter previews and most importantly it provides an accepting environment for families needing extra accommodations. Available at Silverado, Mayan Palace, Embassy, Rialto and Casa Blanca.”


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Do you like needles?


Researchers are developing a pill which could possibly replace the epipen for those with severe food allergies

The tablet would deliver the same amount of epinephrine the injection does, minus the needle.

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More than just Measles


Back in the 1960s, the U.S. started vaccinating kids for measles. As expected, children stopped getting measles.

But something else happened.

Childhood deaths from all infectious diseases plummeted. Even deaths from diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea were cut by half…


Scientists Crack A 50-Year-Old Mystery About The Measles Vaccine

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