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Possible neurological basis shown in research study


Some links between sensory and motor brain networks are unusually weak in individuals with autism, according to a new study1. Other connections are enhanced, however, and their strength tracks with the severity of autism traits.

Sensory, motor connections may be disrupted in autism brains

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Kids with autism have unmet health care needs


Nearly 1 in 5 kids on the spectrum have gone without a needed medical or mental health service. By comparison, fewer than 10 percent of children with other types of disabilities and just 2.6 percent of those who are typically developing have missed out on such services.


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Is it really an allergy?


“We should do what we can to remove these labels of penicillin allergy because it leads to better healthcare outcomes,” said Dr. David Lang of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.”


It’s possible that 95% of people with a reported penicillin allergy aren’t truly allergic!

Have you been misdiagnosed?

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Great article!!


“Mom, my stomach hurts.”


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Lice or dandruff? That is the question.


I am often asked by a parent or teacher to check a student for head lice and well over 90% of the time what I find is actually a dermatology issue such as dandruff. Let me encourage you to ask me to check! I hate the thought of families being subjected to treating lice when it’s possibly not necessary. Also, if I do find lice, it gives me the opportunity to do some teaching and reassurance. Lice does not happen because your hair or home is dirty. Lice do not spread terrible diseases or any disease for that matter. Lice don’t fly or jump! It can spread in schools but it’s more likely to be spread through close and prolonged contact such as sleepovers with friends or family or sharing of personal items such as hats and combs. In Texas we do not exclude children from school due to lice but I will give good advice on how to treat and follow up and supplies as well if needed. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any concerns! It’s a pesky issue and a major inconvenience but it’s not the end of the world. I am here to help you.
How to tell the difference between Lice and Dandruff

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Do you hear the coughing?


Nurse Dani has some great advice for parents to assess and treat their children’s coughs:

Winter is in full swing, and with the cold temperatures, I see many families being hit by respiratory illnesses. The viruses circulating this time of year tend to bring an onslaught of symptoms including runny noses, high fevers, and sore throats. But a more concerning symptom, which often develops and can be tough to get rid of, is coughing.

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I can see your skeleton


On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845-1923) becomes the first person to observe X-rays, a significant scientific advancement that would ultimately benefit a variety of fields, most of all medicine, by making the invisible visible.


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How Sweet are You?


Halloween is just around the corner.

Please remember there are NO costumes allowed at school.

Here is a Halloween Candy Sorting Guide for Moms


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My obsession with poop


A lot of the kids (ok and grownups too) here at Canyon ridge think I am obsessed with poop. Probably because I might be…

It’s not because I particularly like poop! I just recognize how important bowel health is to overall health and how much it impacts our students (PUN INTENDED)

I know I have referenced  Dr. Hodges’ blog before and recommended it as a resource but I can’t help but refer you there once again. Here is an excellent post that discusses really bad parenting advice and how it can lead to problems we see in a lot of our elementary age children.

This is also where I got my famous poop chart. You can get your own copy if you wish!

Feel free to binge read potty training books if you want to – but Dr. Hodges did it for you:

Pediatric Urologist: “I Read 14 Potty Training Books And Found Some Really Bad Advice”

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