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Is your epi-pen too expensive?


I came across several great resources for those with allergies that require epinephrine autoinjectors:

General overview of options for obtaining and affording epi-pens

Epipen savings card

GoodRx will give you a cost comparison (check other meds as well) from multiple pharmacies

A non-profit pharmacy (who knew?)

One possible problem is that your prescriber wrote for a med that is not in the formulary for your insurance. Ask your pharmacist to check if a similar option is available in the formulary and request that the prescriber writes for that med instead (some generics can be automatically substituted but not all). Most pharmacists will do this for you when they find the problem.

The bottom line is – don’t accept an outrageously high price. There are options.

Harvard hopes to build wearable tech for detecting, treating allergy attacks


A group of Harvard researchers, supported by the family of one Massachusetts teenager who lost her life to an allergic reaction, has announced a new project to one day turn those emergency adrenaline shots into an automatic injection device that people wear on their bodies. While a marketable solution is likely still years away, scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering think advances in wearable tech could give them a head start on the ambitious project.



Ride for Kids is coming to San Antonio


The Ride for Kids program is a national series of motorcycle rides that supports the work of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Our mission is to eliminate the challenges of childhood brain tumors by funding medical research and family support programs.

Ride for Kids Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation ride on Sunday, October 25. The website is http://www.curethekids.org/events/ride-for-kids/   This nationwide event has raised $2,445,643.12 and has a goal of $3,396,250.00.  If there are kids in the area with brain tumors, we would like them to attend – Contact Debbie Speegle:  islanddeb@msn.com for more information.

The Ride for Kids is open to all motorcycles. If you know anyone with a side car willing to give a child a ride, please instruct them to contact Debbie Speegle at islanddeb@msn.com

How one startup plans to end the EpiPen monopoly


A Massachusetts startup believes its epinephrine injector alternative will turn allergy sufferers away from well-established brands.


ADHD May Mask Autism


“Symptoms attributed to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may overshadow or mask autism spectrum disorder in very young children, a new study reveals.

This can create a significant delay in the diagnosis of autism. It took an average of three years longer to diagnose autism in children initially thought to have just ADHD, the researchers said.”

Read full article HERE










Welcome back!


School starts in a few very short days and I am looking forward to seeing all of the great Canyon Ridge Coyotes!Be+Awesome+Printable+BOY+4x6

Enjoy your last days of summer!


Nurse Jennifer

NEISD ensures students are well cared for


I subscribe to a number of school nurse blogs and newsletters to keep updated with school nursing issues. There have been numerous articles regarding the number of school nurses in proportion to students for districts across the country and the impact these ratios have on student care and overall student health.

This article is just one example.

I am grateful that NEISD has made student health a priority by placing a Bachelor’s degree prepared registered nurse in every campus in the district.

Very Interesting Research regarding Food allergies


Probiotics and OIT Prove a Promising Combo for Peanut Allergy

Would you let your Child have a tattoo?


Amazing development for Diabetes!

The Temporary Tattoo that Tests blood Sugar

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