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Archive for April, 2019

Speaking of breakfast!


I grew up in the DFW area and was never confused about what is a kolache. Apparently this is just a South Texas thing? But soon after we moved here in the early 2000s I had my first “but that isn’t a kolache” disappointment. let’s let Texas Monthly set you straight! If it’s not Sweet […]

They need to eat breakfast


I tell students all day erryday they need to eat a good breakfast in the morning. They often come to the clinic in the late morning before lunch with complaints of stomachaches and headaches. Guess what? They haven’t had anything to eat yet. Turns out, that nagging from the school nurse really is just good […]

Don’t put ice (or anything else) on a burn


I have come across multiple home remedies for burn care but the one I see most often is ice. Do not put ice on a burn! First aid for small minor burns involves running cool water over the affected area or using a cool damp compress if running water is not available. Ice (and other […]

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