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Lice or dandruff? That is the question.


I am often asked by a parent or teacher to check a student for head lice and well over 90% of the time what I find is actually a dermatology issue such as dandruff. Let me encourage you to ask me to check! I hate the thought of families being subjected to treating lice when it’s possibly not necessary. Also, if I do find lice, it gives me the opportunity to do some teaching and reassurance. Lice does not happen because your hair or home is dirty. Lice do not spread terrible diseases or any disease for that matter. Lice don’t fly or jump! It can spread in schools but it’s more likely to be spread through close and prolonged contact such as sleepovers with friends or family or sharing of personal items such as hats and combs. In Texas we do not exclude children from school due to lice but I will give good advice on how to treat and follow up and supplies as well if needed. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any concerns! It’s a pesky issue and a major inconvenience but it’s not the end of the world. I am here to help you.
How to tell the difference between Lice and Dandruff

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