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Better, Faster Communication with Your School Nurse


I just started using a great resource that connects parents with school nurses regarding their child’s ongoing care and treatment.

  • BlueLoop is mobile! It’s now available for students on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android phones!…and it’s FREE once they sign up and pay online.
  • BlueLoop now covers any conditions that require documentation and/or ongoing communication with parents. Conditions include diabetes, asthma, severe allergies and others.

Please check out this video overview

“BlueLoop is a web and mobile tool for children with diabetes and other chronic conditions. We provide care coordination among family, school, and health care providers. Everything is consolidated in one location, in the cloud, where caregivers can communicate, store dosage information, upload documents, and enter test results. As activity happens, caregivers are instantly notified via email or text message.”


As of January 1, 2015, families pay $7.95 per month for BlueLoop. If you are not able to afford this fee please contact me so that we can get you set up for free.

Once you register you will need to connect with me. Our Canyon Ridge code to connect: CANYO008479

Please call/email me if you have any questions!

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