Skyping with the Techie Kids!

This post was written by Miller and Jackie. 

Before Spring Break, we Skyped with the Techie Kids and we had a  lot of fun. We taught them about Texas resources and symbols, like: the bald eagle, longhorns, and bluebonnets. We taught them about the rodeo, and about King Ranch, a ranch bigger than Rhode Island! We also learned about where they live, Michigan. They have lots of big lakes there. They call themselves Michiganders. They can show you where they live using their hand, since Michigan is shaped like a mitten.

We had a lot of fun Skyping with the Techie Kids and teaching them about Texas and the rodeo. Mrs. Kistler promised to share some rodeo videos from San Antonio’s Stock Show and Rodeo this past February. Here are the rodeo videos:

3 thoughts on “Skyping with the Techie Kids!

  1. Dear Mrs. Kistler and class,

    We also put up a blog about skyping with you. It has a slideshow of a ton of pictures,the back channeling and more. I liked it when you told us about the suger ants it was freaky but cool.

    Your Friend,
    Techie Kids

  2. Dear Mrs. Kistler’s class,

    We had fun skyping with you. It was nice to learn about Texas. I hope that your students had fun learning about techie kids. How are you and your class? Is it cold there or warm there? I would like to know more about Texas. Hope you write back.

    Techie Kids

  3. Dear 49er’s
    I really love to Skype. It is so much fun. In class we mystery Skype a lot and i really enjoy doing that.
    My teacher Mr.Avery gave me a blog and I would love if you would write a comment!! Thanks
    Great job on the post.
    In Mr. Avery’s class

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