April Fool, Phyllis!

Phyllis is on a world tour! Who is Phyllis? She’s a groundhog related to Punxatawney Phil. Phil predicts the weather and so does Phyllis!

Mrs. Kistler welcomed Phyllis to San Antonio as part of her world tour. First stop, the S. boys, Sepas and Sepand. They read the book with Mrs. Kistler and here is their review:

Sepas: In April Fool, Phyllis!, I liked the April Fools jokes. I liked the one where Phil Junior put his hands in the ice to show everyone it was cold, but it wasn’t really cold. He was tricking the family, especially Phyllis. I have a question for Susanna Hill, the author. How did you come up with all these jokes?

Sepand: I liked thatย Susanna Hillย is actually using real life things and making it into fantasy. I liked that Phyllis was the heroine. In the Author’s Note, titled April Fool’s Day, you mentioned our country, Iran. My parents lived in Iran before they came to San Antonio, Texas. I never knew that Iran celebrated April 3rd by going outside to avoid bad luck. I learned something about my family’s heritage.

Next, Phyllis read with Johnny.

Johnny: Phyllis the groundhog helped me learn about weather. Sometimes it is hot, but it can get cold and then make all the hot go away. My favorite joke was when Pete dumped snow over the door. I read April Fool Phyllis! to the St. Patrick’s Day Ziggies. ย This year, Phyllis celebrated Groundhog’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fool’s Day!



ย How do you celebrate April Fool’s Day in your state or country?

Do you have an idea for a harmless April Fool’s Day trick?




11 thoughts on “April Fool, Phyllis!

  1. Hello Mrs. Kistler and all the ’49ers!

    I’m so glad Phyllis made it safely to San Antonio!

    Sepas – I’m glad you enjoyed the jokes ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was writing the story, I knew I wanted Phil Junior and Pete to play jokes on Phyllis. But they couldn’t be just any jokes. They had to be jokes that would relate to the story. Phil Junior and Pete would make fun of Phyllis’s crazy weather prediction, so I tried to think of jokes connected to the weather. That’s how I thought of them fooling everyone to think it was cold, and then snowing. Then, after all of them had made such fun of Phyllis, I knew she would have to play a joke on them at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sepand – I’m so glad if you learned something new about your heritage! I always think it’s so interesting to see how different cultures around the world often have similar kinds of celebrations at the same times of year. It makes us all connected ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll look forward to hearing about how Phyllis enjoys her stay in Mrs. Kistler’s class ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. It looks like Phyllis had another very exciting stop on her tour. I especially loved the comments from the kids. They did a great job expressing what they liked about April Fool Phyllis.

  3. Dear Class,

    I can’t come up with a good April Fool’s Day joke. I celebrate April Fool’s day by pulling harmless pranks and telling jokes. It’s also a time to have fun.

  4. Hi Mrs Kistler & 49’ers
    Sounds like a good book! The Groundhog is not a creature we are very familiar with here in the UK, most of the adults know about it because of the 90s film, but the kids in A Room with a View don’t know much about either your tradition or the animal!
    We celebrate April Fool’s Day up to midday on the 1st April, and we try to catch each other out with pranks. A very famous prank was played by the BBC in the 1950s, where they showed a film of the spaghetti harvest, and showed a family in Europe gathering spaghetti from the bushes. Pasta was not widely eaten in Britain at that time, and apparently many people called in to ask where they could buy spaghetti plants! In France you are not an April Fool, but an ‘April Fish’: it is ‘poisson d’avril’.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading all your comments on our bike day – thank you!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. The kids were excited to meet Phyllis and so creative in their ideas for pictures. Thank you for visiting.

    2. Thank you, Rebecca! They are such a blast. Phyllis was quite entertaining and I’m so glad she stopped by Texas on her tour.

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Mrs. Kistler

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