Student Engagement

I check Mrs. Eichholz blog, Engage Their Minds, on a daily basis. You can find a link to her blog under the Blogroll section on the right side of this class blog.
The most recent post was about an eighth grade teacher asking her students to talk about what engages students to learn.
I asked my first graders to tell me what helps them engage in their learning.
Some of their answers were on the top 10 list of the eighth graders responses: fun, choice, technology, comfort, movement, talking with peers.
We can learn a lot just by listening to our students.

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3 thoughts on “Student Engagement

  1. Wow! What great comments. I will have to remember some of your ideas to help my kids this summer to keep up with their reading and learning! Thanks for the great ideas kids.

  2. These are all excellent answers, class! I can’t wait to share your video on my blog! You are awesome, and I hope you can inspire some more teachers to engage their students!

  3. These are all excellent answers class! Thank you very much for all your help, you guys are awesome!

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